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Het nationaal congres voor leraren Frans in Nederland, dat elke twee jaar georganiseerd wo

11-02-2022 - 12-02-2022

Het Franse chanson LEEFT!

13-03-2022 - 13-03-2022

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Wallonia/Brussels, open to the world

Wallonia, along with Brussels and Flanders, is one of the...

Meuse valley - Lustin

Relations between The Netherlands and Wallonia-Brussels

Presence of Wallonia and the Wallonia/Brussels Federation in the Netherlands is ensured by the...

The Hague

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Wallonia-Brussels is present in The Netherlands through :

the Wallonia...

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Our points of contact throughout the world.



The offices of the AWEX, the Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment, are...

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Vous êtes agent ou distributeur actif sur le marché néerlandais ?  Nous avons des offres qui vont vous intéresser....


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